Ningbo Zhenguan Corporate Culture


[Soul of Zhenguan]

Zhenguan sincerely serves customers!

"Customer service" refers to serving customers, service providers, service employees and society

[Our spirit] Improve our mind and expand our business


[Our core values] Take customers as the center, take the strivers as the foundation, adhere to seeking truth from facts, and adhere to self-criticism.


[Our purpose] Create value for customers, build a platform for employees, create wealth for society, and create benefits for the company!


[Our mission] Make contributions to the progress and development of mankind while pursuing the material and spiritual happiness of all employees!


[Our vision] To build a happy enterprise with high income and become a respected century old enterprise!


[Zhenguan Family Instructions] Seeking profits internally, he is virtuous and optimistic


[Our style of implementation] Keep promises without excuses; Be absolutely obedient and never say die.


[Our core concept]

Survival philosophy: Only professional can survive forever

Entrepreneurial philosophy: Keep going until success.

Quality concept: quality is the basis for the survival and development of enterprises.

Service concept: customer centered and caring service.

Working philosophy: simple, efficient, pragmatic and practical.

Business philosophy: Win with quality and honesty.

Customer concept: everything is customer oriented.

Brand concept: word of mouth creates brand, and brand creates wealth.

Development concept: unity and mutual help, meet customer expectations.

Competition concept: the scene is the market, and the market is the battlefield.

Product concept: Make products as handicrafts, and strive to provide customers with perfect service.

Employment philosophy: position first, ability second.

Learning philosophy: learning is vitality, life is endless, and learning is not limited.

Sales philosophy: All sales are for love.

Implementation philosophy: system first, leadership second. Organizational philosophy: think and do what the organization needs.


Address: No. 388 Haifeng Road, Cixi Coastal Economic Development Zone, Zhejiang