Common faults and removal of drainage pump


1, after the start of the water: pump with air or gas i […]

1, after the start of the water: pump with air or gas into the water pipes, or is the bottom valve is not tightly closed irrigation water dissatisfaction and serious leakage of vacuum pump packing, valve or shoot doors closed lax.
Exclude: debris removal, replacement of damaged rubber pad, to change the direction of the valve; pressed or replacement of the packing material, close the valve or gate; increase the amount of irrigation primer, deflated plug until not until bubbly; replacement of a crack in the pipe; reduce the head, pump nozzle pressed into the underwater 0.5 meters.
2, start when the pump does not turn: packing too tight or between the impeller and the pump body was stuck with debris, or pump shaft, bearing, reducing the leakage ring rust live, or the pump shaft is seriously bent.
Exclude: relax fill dredge flume; disassemble pump body to remove debris, rust; remove the pump shaft correction or replacement of the pump shaft.
3, heat pump bearing damage: rolling bearing or bracket cover gap is too small, and the pump shaft bending or two axis misalignment; tape is too tight; lack of oil or oily bad; impeller balance hole plug, the impeller out of balance, increasing the to the side of the thrust.
Exclude: replacement of bearings; removal of the rear cover and install gasket between the bracket and the bearing seat; adjust two axle shaft or adjust the concentricity, appropriate adjustable loose belt tightness; add clean butter, butter accounted for 60% of the bearings gap; to remove obstruction in the balance hole.
4, after the start of inadequate flows: speed is not matching or the belt slipping, so that low speed; axial flow pump blade installation angle is too small; head insufficiency; suction side; at the end of valve, pipe and impeller partial blockage or impeller defect; outlet pipe leakage serious.
Exclude: restore rated speed, removing grease belt, a good tune belt tightness; tuned blade angle, reduce water pump installation; sealing water pump leak, compression packing; plug removal, replacement of the impeller; replacement of reducing leakage ring, blocking leaks.