Private loading cycle pump will damage the heating balance


Recently, who lives in de Ling Garden owners Mr Hui to […]

Recently, who lives in de Ling Garden owners Mr Hui to reflect the community, home heating during the day when the hand Mo Shangqu very warm of, wait until the evening, radiator is cold. A few days before the snow is relatively cold, the temperature of the home is only a dozen degrees, the children at home to learn to wear a lot of clothes, and even wrapped around the quilt, which makes Mr. Xu is not the taste.
Understanding of this situation, the construction of the street de Ling community mediation committee contacted the new lung Thermotics Inc No. 4 heating station staff and Jianshe Road police station, the police station, the police station 4, the German Ling Garden,, found that 4 units of the private. Heating company staff, Mr. Zhang said, circulating pump is called pipe pump, backwater pump, through the installation of the device on the water inlet pipe, to speed up the flow of water flow, so that the speed of water cycle in a household, you can improve their indoor temperature to a certain extent.
Heating company staff on the spot to test the room temperature of the private loaded circulating pump, as high as 28 degrees. Staff patiently to persuade the owners, told the equipment will destroy the balance of heating, lead to other users of heating system heating is not hot, for private circulation pump is illegal and should be removed. After persuasion, the owner Zhang promised to remove the recycling pump, heating company staff said the dismantling of equipment will come again after the door inspection, commissioning heating system, to ensure the normal district heating, residents of indoor temperature standards.