RY high temperature pump installation process


RY high temperature pump as a closed impeller, the cool […]

RY high temperature pump as a closed impeller, the cooling method of natural cooling, reducing the volume of the pump, so that the structure is more simple, more reliable safety performance. After the purchase of a new high temperature pump, the need for the correct installation, the following to introduce you to the RY high temperature pump installation process, for your reference:
1, the installation of high temperature pump, the smooth running of the pump after the smooth operation and play a crucial role, so the installation must be careful not hasty.
2, so the high temperature pump is centrifugal pump, so it is not a self suction function, it is recommended for the first time in the use of the pump and the inlet of the pipeline to pump the media, installation, as far as possible in the pump inlet at the top of the pump, the pump to brief, reduce unnecessary losses.
RY high temperature pump installation process
3, suction pump, pressure pipeline to support or hanger, does not allow the pump itself bear the weight of the pipeline.
4, pump installation site to spacious, to facilitate later maintenance work.
5, installation sequence:
(1), the unit is integrally buried on the anchor bolts, with level gauge will pump baseplate is looking and confirm that there is no problem, the bolt is fixed.
(2) check the pump shaft and motor shaft of the concentric degree, in the shaft coupling measured on the outside of the circle can not be more than 0.1mm; the gap between the two coupling plane should be guaranteed 2-3mm; clearance tolerance is 0.3mm.
(3) to switch on the motor power supply, and check whether the motor is in conformity with the pump steering board.
(4) in the installation process, in order to prevent the debris into the pump body, the pump should be closed.
(5), before the pump is turned on, to deal with the pipeline system for cleaning, in the upper reaches of the pump to install the filter, in order to prevent debris into the pump body.
(6), after the actual operation of the unit 3-4 hours, and then do the final examination, if there is no bad phenomenon, it is considered that the high temperature pump installed.