Do you know the golden rule of buying a washing machine


Choose a company with good customer service. Although p […]

Choose a company with good customer service. Although people today tend to replace rather than repair, if you don’t have a belt or can’t transport the belt within 3-4 days, your cabinet is very expensive.

Most of the energy saving and water saving is the head. true. The electric motor does not consume less power to turn a 15-pound load. None of the machines will reduce water consumption. Among the tens of thousands of saving functions, I only saw 9 actually effective functions, or it is worth paying a high price.

Ask for price. Ask around. If a store advertises the lowest price and you find another lowest price, ask if they match the price. They usually do. They can also be rewarded by buying some cables/bargains. Your retailer is very attentive.
Make sure your input and output lines can accommodate the machine's water supply line. I have seen many cases of poor piping, where the machine has accumulated too much water and everything has overflowed. Similarly, there must be enough water. If the machine cannot obtain the required water fast enough, the 60-minute load will take 75-90 minutes.

If you think a 15-pound machine is good enough, then buy a 20-pound model. (Please note that its sensor can only use enough water and other feces, otherwise it is suitable for 15 pound models). When your entire family suffers from dysentery for the first time, more idle capacity will pay for itself.
You absolutely do not need a computer connected to the Internet. The Internet of Things for home machines is a nightmare. Do you want a teenager facing acne to manipulate your laundry facilities, and those very expensive thongs and tights will eventually be damaged? Then, don't let every 15-year-old use it.

Stand up. Don't buy a machine with wheels. Replaced by a bracket with lockable wheels. This will maintain good ventilation and extend the life of internal motors and electronic equipment.
There is a fucking switch. In ordinary American households, setting a switch for an outlet is indeed strange, but for convenience, please select the switch. Water mixes poorly with minerals and electricity. I really like the electrical system in the UK.

Ultraviolet lighting, multiple hand washing systems (yes, really), throw them out the window. It's all nonsense. What you need to do is choose a machine and use soapy water to throw clothes into soapy water again and again. Ultraviolet lighting can destroy color. Various hand washing systems are being sold.

If you are buying from a large retailer or even a small store, you should be absolutely clear about its price, installation costs, other debris, old machine handling methods, and even taxes. Many times, I am taxed on "free" services.

Get the machine with the least control and functions. Washing (A/B/C), clothing/underwear, wool, drying, rotating, curtains, white, color. These are actually all you want to use. Nothing else you need.

clean. Yes, the machine needs to be cleaned. You must remove the dust from the body, the motor, and the fibers that are stuck to the filter and all other places. If you don't want to clean, you can. However, if you want to use your work for ten years, then you can get some cleaning supplies that do not need to be mixed.

Combination of dryer and washing machine. Can be stacked or placed side by side. Figure out the spacing and other issues.
Don't pay more for the fiery red. No girl or boy will drop their underwear color for your machine. On the contrary, the sunlight will only turn pale in a few years.

If you have children, please purchase a machine suitable for children. Since children now have more experience with touch screens than buttons, it’s not certain whether a machine is child-friendly. Involve your child in the process of buying a child. Then, when the child does not want to wash the clothes, you can complain.

All my rules may no longer apply today. You may be a family and everyone is working, so you must connect your computer to the Internet. You may be someone who loves to attend parties and show off houses. In that case, the fiery red is worth every penny. You may be only 14-15 years old, which may mean that using a touch screen is natural for you. The buttons seem difficult. You may be an actor or some kind of performer, where you have a variety of clothes, and need these fancy functions to match very specific clothes or suits. You treat bacteria in a laboratory or sewer all day long, so you may need this UV function.