Maintenance and purchase of washing machine


As a household appliance in the home, the washing machi […]

As a household appliance in the home, the washing machine must not only be used correctly but also properly maintained, so that the washing machine can last longer. Today I will introduce some common sense of washing machine use and maintenance to avoid maintenance problems caused by improper operation and use.
In the working state, the maintenance of the washing machine should pay attention to the following points: When using the washing machine, try to follow the operation manual of the washing machine. There are also certain requirements for the water pressure and voltage of the user's house. The control center of the washing machine is the computer board, and the best working state of the computer board is when the voltage is between 180V-230V.

When using the washing machine, the water pressure should not be too low, because the water pressure is too low and slow water flow will affect the service life of the water inlet valve and the motor. Users of high-rise residential buildings should try to avoid using washing machines during peak water consumption periods. Try to use the washing machine within the specified washing capacity. Because the washing capacity is too large, it will increase the burden on the motor and reduce the service life of the washing machine. Use hot water to wash clothes, and the water temperature should not exceed 45°C to prevent damage to the washing machine barrel.

The volume of the washing machine is also large and small. The larger the volume, the larger the capacity of the washing machine, and the smaller the volume, the smaller the capacity. At this time, when purchasing a washing machine, we need to determine it according to our actual use. The choice of the capacity of the washing machine is related to the number of people in the family. The average family of three uses a washing machine with a capacity of 5kg. If you have a large family, you can choose a washing machine with a larger capacity when purchasing a washing machine.

Clothes cleaning effect
Different types of washing machines have different cleaning effects when cleaning clothes. When the drum washing machine is in use, it can clean clothes of various materials, and it is not easy to cause entanglement of clothes, but from the cleanliness of clothes cleaning From the point of view, it is slightly inferior to the pulsator washing machine. The cleanliness of the pulsator washing machine is relatively high when cleaning the clothes, but it is easy to cause the clothes to entangle.

Energy consumption
When the drum washing machine cleans the clothes, it takes longer. At the same time, its heating function consumes part of the electricity when it is used, but relatively, it consumes less water. The pulsator washing machine takes less time to clean clothes during use, so it consumes less electricity, but it consumes more water.

Brand selection
Nowadays, there are many washing machine brands on the market, both domestically produced and imported. The famous domestic washing machine brands mainly include Haier, Midea, Little Swan, etc., while the imported washing machine brands mainly include Panasonic, Samsung, Siemens, etc. When buying a washing machine, we should not only understand the quality of these brands of washing machines, but also look at its after-sales service.