Washing machine timing switch use introduction and maintenance knowledge


Washing machines generally do not have the function of […]

Washing machines generally do not have the function of a timer switch, but we can control the switch time of the washing machine by installing a washing machine timer. Have you ever used a washing machine timer switch? The washing machine timer is mainly for the convenience of us to control the power consumption time of the washing machine. How should the washing machine timer be used? Let's take a look at the maintenance knowledge of the washing machine and how to use the washing machine timer. A friend who wants to make his washing machine more energy efficient can learn.
Washing machine timer switch
1. Whenever it is used, the timing should be planned in advance to avoid over-spinning and increase the use time of the washing machine timer switch;
2. When rotating the time switch of the washing machine, the force should be even. Do not use excessive force to avoid damage to internal mechanisms;
3. When the time switch of the washing machine is in the zero position or the full stroke, do not turn it back and forth to avoid damage to the plastic positioning file;
4. Although the washing machine timer switch has the function of forced reversal, it should try to avoid unnecessary reversal during use to avoid damage to the machine or reduce the service life.
5. Do not push and pull the timing switch knob of the washing machine to avoid loosening the internal fasteners or dislocating the parts and impair the timing performance.
6, the washing machine timing switch is wet by the water, it is necessary to dry the dehydrator in time. Because the washing machine timing switch has anti-leakage measures, it is not a sealed structure. Therefore, after infiltration into the water, it is easy to cause internal rust and reduce electrical insulation performance;
7, educate children do not play with the washing machine timing switch, when the washing machine is not in use, apply the cloth cover;
8, the washing machine timing switch out of the fault, do not mess, if not done well, the situation is worse, lost the washing machine timing switch performance. Therefore, you must ask an experienced person or send it to the repair department for repair.
Second, maintain common sense
1. Read the product manual carefully before using the washing machine. When using, the washing machine should be placed on a flat and solid floor, and must be more than 5 cm away from the wall and other items.
2. Washing materials should be classified according to material, color and degree of soiling, and washed in batches.
3. Before washing, first remove the sundries from the pockets to prevent hard objects such as nails, coins, and hairpins from entering the washing tub; the clothes with silt should be removed from the mud and then put into the washing tub; the yarns should be placed on the yarn. Wash in the bag.
We should pay attention to controlling the time when using the washing machine timer. We can control the timer time according to the time of the new clothes, so that the washing machine can be saved. When we choose the washing machine timer brand, it is also very important. There are many washing machine timer brands on the market. The brand name is not enough to eat. We prefer to choose some brands that are well-known. When installing the timer, the washing machine should be installed by a professional installer to avoid damage to the washing machine.