What are ideal requirements for washing machines


It’s important to look at your needs first. What is the […]

It’s important to look at your needs first.
What is the size of your wash load?
Size: 1-2 members? Capacity: 5-6 kg
Size: 3 members? Capacity: 6-7 kg
Size: 4 members? Capacity: 7-8 kg
Size: 5 or more? Capacity: 8 kg or more.

How frequently do you expect to wash the load?
If you are washing for 8 or more and your wash frequency is once a week, then you should go for a large machine. On the other side, those who have to wash clothes everyday should opt for smaller machine.

What kind of budget are you looking at?
A semi-automatic machine costs less than a fully automatic one. Likewise, a top-loader costs less than a front-loader.

Are you looking to economise on the use of water and electricity?
Semi-automatic machines use less energy and water relative to fully automatic ones. Similarly, a front-loader uses less energy and water relative to a top-loader.

What functions do you want the machine to serve you?
The more technologically advanced the machine is, the more functions it can serve - inbuilt heater, hot wash, variable speeds for washing & drying etc.

Other than this, look at extra features like quick wash facility, digital timer etc.