What are the specifications of a washing machine


Washing machine has different variations depends on the […]

Washing machine has different variations depends on the capacity and motor power. The below is the typical washing machine technical specification and also the general features of washing machine.

Typical Washing machine technical specification
Top loading / Front loading type
Capacity range from 6kg to 15kg
Induction motor
Input voltage 100V- 240V
Power in 1200W / Output power 100–400W
Water proof
Max efficiency 31%
Now a days, due to evolution of the technology, BLDC Motors been used for this application which has better efficiency and lower maintenance.

General Features of washing machine
1.The machine type - Top loading / Front loading
top loading washing machine
front loading washing machine

2.Basic Machine must comprise stable construction

3. The machine shall have features like wash timer, automatic forward/reverse cyclic timer, single phase preventer, inching etc.,

4. The door shall be electrically interlocked for better safety

5. the inner drum is perforated & die sunk embossed for rigidity and effective cleaning

6. The inner drum has 4 nos lifters for effective tumbling action

7. the outer drum has easy sliding door and is electrically interlocked for safety

8. Motor specifications

Direct Drive motor, VRT (Vibration Reduction Technology)