Why does an industrial washing machine malfunction when it heats up


In normal times, we use industrial washing machines to […]

In normal times, we use industrial washing machines to dry clothes after we clean them. There are generally two types of heating methods for dryers in manufacturers: electric heating and gas heating. Each of these two heating methods has advantages. Sometimes, the user finds that the heating performance of the machine has decreased during use, or it does not heat up.
I. Causes of electric heating failure:
1. Fully automatic industrial washing machine with electric heating method, check whether the AC power supply that controls the electric heating tube is stable. If the AC contactor is damaged, replace the AC contactor.
2. If the washing machine has been used for a long time, the electric heating tube will not be heated, and the electric heating tube needs to be replaced at this time.
3. Check the temperature probe. If the temperature probe is disconnected, connect the wire. If it is broken, replace the probe.
4. Check if AC220V power is sent to the solenoid valve coil. If not, the computer board is faulty. Can contact the factory for processing.
Second, the reason for steam heating type failure:
1. Check whether the coil of the solenoid valve is burned out. If it is broken, replace the solenoid valve.
2. Check the steam valve. The steam enters the washing machine through the steam valve for heating. If the steam valve is blocked, it cannot be heated. So check if the steam valve is blocked. If yes, clear the steam valve or replace it.
Large industrial washing machine manufacturers have found that there are various reasons for heating problems in industrial washing machines. In use, if there is a problem, you can check it yourself first. If the part is broken, you can replace it by yourself. If the software is broken, then Find someone to repair it.